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    Curry Leaves for hair Growth

    We all are very much aware with Curry Leaves or Curry Patta/Meetha Neem in Hindi!  These are commonly used in kitchen for adding the taste, and flavor to Indian dishes. But, are you aware that these have many more benefits like giving shine and health to hairs? If your hairs are graying prematurely, you are getting dandruff – because of which you are facing a hair – fall, they have become dry or lifeless, or they have become sticky on account of heat and dust, then use of curry leaves can give them a fresh lease of life.




    *Mix any two oils, either of your choice or those which are beneficial for hair, such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil. You can even prepare a mixture of more than two oils also.

    *Curry leaves (Clean and properly washed)


    Heat the mixture of oil on gas flame and when it is sufficiently hot, add curry leaves. The moment you will put curry leaves in oil, frying will start. When all the leaves are duly fried in oil and their color changes to black, then put off the flame and allow the oil to cool. Once it is sufficiently cooled, strain the oil and store it in a bottle. You can store this oil for a period of 1 or 1 ½ month. Massage your scalp with this prepared oil. It will be better if you massage, a night before washing your hair. You can use this multipurpose oil after mixing a few more ingredients, which will enhance its qualities, such as:

    If you have extremely dry and lifeless hair and you want to make them shiny and soft, then use this oil after mixing it with curd or Aloe Vera gel. If you so desire, you can use this oil with egg yolk also. This will not only make your hair silky soft but will also help with hair growth which will result in long voluminous hair.

    If you are dealing with hair fall due to dandruff, then add lemon juice to this curry leaf oil and apply it well on the roots of the hair. This will help you in getting rid of dandruff and hair will become stronger from the roots.

    If your hair is extremely sticky and oily, then add a little apple cider vinegar to this oil and then apply well to it. This will remove the stickiness and the hair will become beautiful and lively.

    If you are worried about premature graying of your hair, then take green Rosemary powder (quantity may depend upon the length of the hair), add two tsp curry leaf oil and paste of fresh curry leaves to this, so as to prepare a fresh paste. If Amla (gooseberry) powder is available, then add a spoon of Amla powder and mix all these ingredients well, with buttermilk or strained tea.  Allow it to stay overnight and use it in your hair, in the morning. Allow it to sit in your hair for at least two hours, and then wash your hair with plain water. If possible, do not shampoo your hair that day, do it the next day. This remedy works equally well for all hair problems and keeps your hair healthy. In case of problems, apply once a week, otherwise, for maintaining the health of the hair, at least twice in a month.

    Take care! ! !

    If you want to remove the smell of egg yolk, buttermilk or any other from your hair, then squeeze a large size lemon in water, nearly 2 glasses, and wash your hair with this water. This will take away any kind of smell from your hair.

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